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Here is my Amazon Author Page where you can see my books for sale through Amazon, including self-published books.


The following are my published works/contest winners (other than self-published works):

“Bitter Pill” in flash fiction anthology Gleam, published by Clarendon House Publications, September 2019.

Poem “Of the Night” in anthology Poetica, published by Clarendon House Publications, August 2019.

Poem“Only On Paper” to be published in special Open Heart Forgery anthology, March 2020. (Celebrating Open Heart Forgery’s first ten years of local grassroots poetry.)

“Fairy Tale Characters” published by Clarendon House Publications in anthology, Tempest, July 2019.

“The Preacher” published by Clarendon House Publications in anthology, Blaze, June 2019.

“Snake Eyes” published by Dragon Soul Press, in Organic Ink, Volume One, May 2019.

“How My Garden Grows” published in The Garden issue, Still Point Arts Quarterly,No. 33, Spring 2019.

“Wash Away” published in Sin Fronteras/Writers without Borders, Journal Issue #23, March 2019.

“Margaret of the Sea,” short story in anthology Creatures in Canada – A Darkling Around the World Anthology, Lycan Valley Press Publications, Publication Date Unknown as of yet.

“Prediction and Predicament” published by Clarendon House Publications in Miracle: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Christian Stories Anthology 2018, December 2018.

“Ada and Joyce,” published in A Flash of Words by Scout Media, December 2018.

“The Charred Body” published by Clarendon House Publications in anthology Enigma, November 2018.

“Dodging Death” (essay) re-printed by Reader’s Digest Association (Canada) in book, Our Canada, Our Country, Our Stories, fall 2018.

“Julee and Me” in Fireburst, a flash fiction anthology, Clarendon House Publications, August 2018.

“Squeaky Runs,” third place winner in Morgen Bailey’s 100-word competition, July 2018.

“The Final Curtain” in Cadence, poetry anthology, Clarendon House Publications, July 2018.

“Night Gathering,” children’s anthology Windows, Clarendon House Publications, June 2018.

“Forty-Seven Seconds,” anthology Whispers in the Dark, SEZ Publishing, May 2018.

“Mops and Fairy Tales,” short story in anthology Vortex, Clarendon House Publications, May 2018.

“The Preacher,” short story in Gathering Storm Magazine, Year 2, Issue 8, May 2018.

“My Middle Child” in SASEE Magazine, May 2018.

“Venerable Trees,” flash fiction anthology Flashpoint, Clarendon House Publications, March 2018.

Two poems: “Of the Night” and “Winter’s Dead Hostas,” Untimely Frost – Dark Poetry Anthology,  May 2018, Lycan Valley Press Publications.

Three poems: “Snake Eyes,” “Sorry, My Bad,” and “A Loaded Gun,” in ‘Til Death – An Anti-Valentines Anthology of Poetry, by Azoth Khem Publishing, February 2018. (Alas, project died before publication.)

“Straw People” in Off Highway, published by the Evergreen Writers Group, October 2017.

“Shadow of the Mountain,” published in Gathering Storm Magazine,  Year One, Issue 6, December 2017.

“Cellars and Sauerkraut,” short story in anthology, The Coldest December, published by Quarter Castle Publishing, December 2017.

“Kaboom!” Made it to the top 10% of entries in the 36th “On The Premises” mini-contest (40 words or less), December 2017.

“Bad, Bad Granny,” short story in charity anthology for Feed Nova Scotia, Cape Breton’s Christmas, book 4, November 2017.

“Lilah,” published in anthology The Renegades of Prose, by FTB Press, December 2016.

“To Duke,” poem published by University Professors Press in anthology, Our Last Walk: Using Poetry for Grieving and Remembering Our Pets, summer 2016.

“No Exit,” published by FoF Publishing in anthology, Deadhead Miles, Volume 2, September 2016.

“I Wish,” one of 7 winners in Flash Fiction contest at the Writers’ Village blog, March 2016.

Short story, “Mastress of Light and Dark,” published by EMP Publishing in The Prison Compendium anthology, November 2016. (Also top 5% finalist in Neoverse Short Story Writing Competition, March 2016.)

Short story, “Spencer,” published by FTB Publishing in anthology, ODD-isms,  March 2016.

Non-fiction, “Dodging Death,” published by More of Our Canada, November 2015.

“Not with My Boots,” short story in anthology, Quarter Castle Chronicles, Volume One, September 2015.

Poem, “Wash Away,” one of seven runners-up in Wax Poetry Contest No. 9, August 2015.

Haiku, “Words Cast into Stones,” second place winner in Wax Poetry and Art Magazine‘s Haiku Contest #6, August 2015.

“Oliver’s Story,” published by Maple Tree Literary Supplement, Issue No. 19, May-August 2015.

“Things My Mother Taught Me,” anthology Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee: The Crazy, Brilliant, and Unforgettable Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Mothers, May 2015 (Blue Lobster Book Co.)

Haiku, “My mother’s picture,” first place winner in Wax Poetry and Art Magazine‘s Haiku Contest #5, March 2015.

“Women Must Stick Together,” short story in anthology, I am Woman, I am Man, by Horrified Press (November 2015).

“Julee and Me,” short story in anthology, I am Woman, I am Man, by Horrified Press (November 2015).

“The Dinner Invitation,” short story in anthology, I am Woman, I am Man, by Horrified Press (November 2015).

“Angels and Beethoven,” short story in anthology, Fractured Realms, by Horrified Press (January 2015). (Charity anthology for The Autism Trust).

“Open for Business,” short story in anthology, Blue Gonk Cafe, by Horrified Press (February 2015).

“The Egg Platter,” short story in anthology, Blue Gonk Cafe, by  Horrified Press (February 2015).

“Raspberry Treats,” short story in anthology, Blue Gonk Cafe, by Horrified Press (February 2015).

“Dreaming of Dreams,” short story in anthology, Sweet Dreams & Night Terrors, by Horrified Press (October 2015).

“Dark and Empty,” short story in anthology, Toybox, by Horrified Press (August  2015).

“Night Rules,” short story in anthology, Night Walkers, by  Horrified Press (January 2015).

Flash fiction story, “I Wish,”  second place winner in Wax Poetry and Art Magazine‘s Flash Fiction Contest #4, November 2014.

Short story, “Shadow of the Mountain,” second place winner, Afterwords Writing Group contest, November 2014.

Poem, “Following the Path,” in anthology The Warbler’s Song, by Polar Expressions Publishing, December 2014.

“Naughty Granny,” short story in anthology, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas in Canada, October 2014.

“Earth 2159,” short story received Honourable Mention by Stone Thread Publishing (June 2014).

“Room 428” in Out of the Mist, published by the Evergreen Writers Group, June 2014.

“Winnie’s Christmas Goodies,” short story in anthology, One Hell of a Christmas, by Horrified Press (November 2014).

“Jesse James without a Gun,” second place winner, Afterwords Writers Group, Halifax, Nova Scotia (May 2014)

Poem, “The Seamstress,” displayed at the launch exhibit of the Blanket Stories project in June 2014 at the Macy Art Gallery, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City. It also appears on the Blanket Stories online gallery.

Novelette, “Shadows and Tumbleweeds” – Rebel Ink Press (October 2013).

Short story, “Endless Horizon,” second place winner, Afterwords Writers Group, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2013.

Short story, “Hazel and Milburn,” third place winner, Afterwords Writers Group, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2013.

“The Haunted House,” short story in anthology Shall We Dance? published by Dancing With Bear Publishing, October 2013.

“Doorbells and December,” Parts 1 and 2, in anthology, Gingersnaps & Candy Canes, published by Dancing With Bear Publishing, December 2013.

5 poems in anthology Elements of Life: Birth, Life Death (2013), an Accentuate Writers Anthology: “All These Things,” “I’m Not Ready to Go,” “Breathe,” “Foetus,” “The Tree of Life.”

Short stories: “Away with the Fairies” and “Doorbells and December” in anthology Christmas Bells, Christmas Tales, published by Dancing with Bear Publishing, December 2012.

Short story, “Afterward,” first prize, Afterword Writers Group contest, Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 2012.

“The Party,” short story in anthology A Halloween to Remember, published by Dancing With Bear Publishing, October 2012.

Essay, “Brown Suede Shoes,” Father’s Day Anthology, The Dad Plan, published by Rebel Ink Press (June 2, 2012).

Poem “Strolling on the Malecon,” El Ojo del Lago, July 2012.

Short story “Promise Tendered, Promise Taken,” Lake Chapala Review, May 15, 2012.

2 poems and short story “My Grandmother’s Hero,” Memorial Day anthology Now Serving by Rebel Ink Press, May 3, 2012.

2 Haiku – Summer Memories: “No Kisses” and “Winter Wine,” published by Fiction Brigade, December 2011.  E-book (published February 2012) titled Espresso Fiction: A Collection of Flash Fiction for the Average Joe.

6 poems – Valentine’s Day anthology, One Red Rose, by Dancing With Bear Publishing (February 2012): “Flowers of Love,” “Faithful (I’m Here Beside You),  “My Valentine of Love,” “Love of Two People,” “Paints and Shadows,” “To My Future Valentine.”

Short story, “The Flowers,” Valentine’s Day anthology, Tempting Cupid,  by Rebel Ink Press (February 2012).

Poem, “The Facade,” The Spirit of Poe anthology, July, 2012.

Poem, “A Portrait of Myself,” Magnapoets (Self-portrait issue), January 2012.

2 poems – Klutzin’ Around the Christmas Tree anthology, December 2011: “The Two  Births of Jesus,” “The Baby (Jesus).”

3 poems – The Latke Hound anthology, December 2011 (3 Christmas poems): “Happy Holidays, Everyone,” “Let’s Remember the Baby,” “The Real Reason.”

Halloween poem, “All Hallow’s Eve” – Happy Halloween anthology published by Dancing with Bear Publishing, October 2011.

Story, “My Canada” – Chicken Soup for the Soul O Canada, November 2011.

Two essays published on  Existential.com (alas, site now defunct)

Article “Buenos Dias” – The Lake Chapala Review, March 2012.

Essay “My Love/Hate Relationship” – The Lake Chapala Review, February 2012.

Article “Three Authors in the Sun” – The Lake Chapala Review, January 2011.

Poem “The Start of an Ajijic Day” – El Ojo del Lago, February 2011

Story “The Tianguis” – El Ojo del Lago, April 2011

Essay “I am a Snowbird” – El Ojo del Lago

Poem “I Remember my Granny Whiting” – Generations of Poetry: the eZine for Genealogists, April 2011

Essay “Open Doors” – SASEE Magazine, May 2011

Poem “A Blank Canvas” –  Still Point Arts Quarterly, October 2011

Poem “Have Faith, Not Fear” – Guardian Angel Kids Ezine, December 2011.


Publications that Petered Out:

2 short stories and 19 poems  – Twin Trinity Media (four anthologies)

4 short stories – Twin Trinity Media (digital downloads)

Novel – The List, to be published by Chainbooks. Each chapter is written by a different author; my contribution is Chapter 4.


Bragging Writes:

Thin Threads:  “When Death Came to Call” (essay) was a finalist for one of the anthologies in 2010 (narrowed down from 1,500 entries, it was in the top 100).

Thin Threads:  “The Mark” (essay) made it in the top 40 for one of the anthologies in 2011.

Evil Jester Press:  Short story, “Dark and Empty,” made it to the final round of consideration (February 2012), but was not a winner. (sigh…)


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