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“Catherine can create a fabulous story out of some of life’s very mundane experiences, a rare ability limited to a few bestselling authors such as Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates. I recommend all of her short story collections to readers always on the prowl for a cornucopia of delicious reads.” —Robert L. Arend.

“I find myself in constant awe of the variety of Cathy’s voice, her perfect perception, and the roles she must assume in order to tell her stories. I only hope I’m half the writer she is!”  —Pamela Gifford, Editor

“With respect to the other authors I’ve reviewed, Between These Pages is probably the best book by an independent author that I’ve read over the course of this year. It was well-written, and contains a lot of interesting topics. Cathy MacKenzie is one of my favorite personalities when it comes to writers. I’ve always thought she had a crazy side, but she’s managed to put her insanity into a bottle, and pour it into a book for us to read.” —Josh Hicks



NOW AVAILABLE! My first novel.

Available on Amazon (or locally, from the author)

Wolves Don't Knock FINAL PRINT COVER.jpg

TWO EYES OPEN anthology. Now available! A mix of 16 short stories by 16 authors. Not “horrific horror”…more like intrigue, mystery, thriller. Just a “good read”…  Buy in print or e-book. Purchase at Amazon

Two Eyes Open FB

OUT OF THE CAVE Purchase at Amazon

Out of the cave front cover final


OLIVER AND HIS BFF available on Amazon.

Oliver cover 2



Paper Patches Create Space generated coverSMASHWORDS     AMAZON

Broken Cornstalks Create Space generated coverSMASHWORDS      AMAZON


BetweenThePages (2)SMASHWORDS     AMAZON


On the Edge front cover 2 SMASHWORDS     AMAZON

Creepy_Cheery_Christ_Cover_for_Kindle SMASHWORDS     AMAZON


Cathy cover my idea 2 copy SMASHWORDS     AMAZON




Creepy Customary Christmas cover_edited-3 SMASHWORDS     AMAZON



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  1. Cathy, do you suggest beginning with any of these in particular? I’m ready to embark. 🙂


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