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My blog (rants and flash) is under WICKER CHITTER.

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WRITING CREDITS is my “bragging page.”  Most of my published writings, other than self-published works, are there.

Contact me at writingwicket@gmail.com.


Cathy writes poetry, short stories, and essays, which appear online and in various print anthologies and other publications. She has self-published several books of poetry and compilations of short stories, as well as several children’s picture books.

Her first novel, Wolves Don’t Knock, was published in July 2018.  Available on Amazon and other retailers, or contact the author for an autographed copy.

Mister Wolfe was published in 2020. 

My Brother, the Wolf, (the final novel), will hopefully be available in the near future.

The WOLFE series can be read as stand-alones or as a series.

Cathy is a member of several online and local writing groups, including:

1. The Spot Writers: Four writers who, in rotation, compose flash fiction using pre-determined prompts,which are published to their blogs.

2. Evergreen Writers Group, a local group of writers (Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia).

Cathy edits, formats, and publishes other authors under her imprint, MacKenzie Publishing.

Her gorgeous grandchildren provide inspiration. Cathy divides her time between West Porters Lake and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Contact Cathy at: writingwicket@gmail.com

See my fav author behind me, on the bookshelf?

11 responses to “About Me

  1. gailingis

    Hi Cathy, I am glad Bob B. gave us your link. it was fun reading your post. Your life sounds like mine, in the last chapters and in a hurry to finish my first manuscript. Time is fleeting, and goes even faster each day. it seems like an hour is shorter than sixty minutes, don’t you think? I do art curating for a museum, and I paint too. Along with writing, it is a full schedule.


  2. Hi Cathy, I enjoyed the story and glad Bob sent us over here, Marian


  3. I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for posting. https://www.promotiongifts.co.nz

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  4. David Du

    Hi, Cathy, I appreciate you do me favor to publish my poetry book ” Journey’ , I hope you will give a hand again to publish something. I am translating Wang wei’s poem, he was born in Tang Dynesty in China, he is a famous poet in Ancient China. He wrote about 400 of poems. I have a plan to translate 200 of his poems and publish it in Canada next year. David

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  5. David Du

    I‘m very happy to hear that. when I get ready I will send to you. Now I send to you one as follows

    Magnolia valley
    By Wang Wei

    In autumn the summit of mountain
    Blocks exactly half the setting sun.
    Birds chase their lovers ahead so fast,
    And soon disappear into the distant forest.
    The glow of sunset shines a golden light
    Upon the woodland greens- it’s a delight..
    The air is clear, the forest mist is lifting,
    And no night fog’s on the mountain, drifting.

    I like Wang wei’s poetry. that caused me have a thought to intrduce his poem to western countries. Eventhough I know many translator have did it before.

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  6. David Du

    Send off my cousin at Ling Yun pool
    By Wang Wei
    Translated by David Du
    Lifting a golden glass to drink wine slowly
    To the elegant song I listen, tactfully.
    The painted boat moves quietly
    And the beautiful dance turns round fully.
    I sigh for the wagtail separate by the river,
    They don’t follow the swans goose flying over the water.

    (Wagtail: in Chinese idiom expresses brother)

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  7. David Du

    Those are beautiful poems! Wang Wei is a great poet in Tang Dynasty in China. I wish someday someone like reading this book.

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  8. A superb blog. The Wicket Chitter section is just fabulous.


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