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Scared Spitless

Silly Tree Anthologies’ very first anthology is now for sale!! Only $1.99 for the eBook version! (Print coming very soon!)

I hope everyone gets a copy of the book. The stories are really good. A little twisted, a little creepy, but well written and fun.

And just in time for Halloween!! What more could you ask for???

Honestly, the eleven stories in this book are EXCELLENT! They were hand-picked from numerous submissions received by me and my partner. They have been professionally edited.

Not tooting Angel’s and my horn (or horns!), but HONESTLY…the eleven stories in this book are SO good! A couple of them kept me awake one night. One especially I still can’t get out of my mind. I won’t say which one it is. Just gave me the willies. I don’t think that one image will ever leave me! Buy the book…it’s ONLY $1.99…see if you can figure out the one I’m talking about. I’m still freaking!

Thanks for reading! And sorry to be self-promoting (but, not like I have a story in there!)…trying to promote others.

Here’s the links…Smashwords or Amazon:



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Call for Submissions – Silly Tree Anthologies

Silly Tree Anthologies is now taking submissions for a scary, terrifying, bone-chilling anthology.

Send us a story that will scare us spitless! Get your stories in before June 1, 2013.

Check out the submissions page: http://sillytreeanthologies.blogspot.ca/p/about.html

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