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Oliver and His BFF – a story of friendship

Oliver cover 2

The children’s book, OLIVER AND HIS BFF, is finally available, both in print and in ebook form.

Oliver is a rabbit with problems. Except for his Best Friend Forever Reggie, the other animal kids make fun of him for his clumsiness, trouble with schoolwork, and his big, floppy ears. They even pick on his name. Oliver handles everything with courage, respect, and good manners. With unexpected help from his BFF, Oliver discovers attitudes can change for the better.

OLIVER AND HIS BFF is illustrated with cute, whimsical drawings (black and white).

Book suitable for all children, but especially for children under 8. An early reader. Story involves various animals, not solely rabbits.

Angel Sharum illustrated the book, and Cathy MacKenzie (me) wrote the story.

Click here to purchase.


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ANOTHER SEGMENT—OR TWO. Will it ever end?

Today is Good Friday, supposedly a day of relaxation and to remember “whatever.” For me, it’s remembering my mother who died on Good Friday in 2016. Of course, she didn’t die two years ago today since the date of Good Friday changes every year. I thank Facebook for reminding me of her death on March 24 cause I’m horrid with dates. I’ll never forget Mom died on Good Friday, but I won’t always remember the 24th.

We have family coming for dinner on Sunday. EEK! Thirteen people, now that I count; that’s unlucky and I don’t need more bad luck, so I’ll set a place setting for Matt and put his photograph on the chair. This will be our second Easter without him.

For the past few weeks, I’d been searching for my high stool that magically disappeared. The only place it could have been was in our large, walk-in linen closet that was stogged so full you couldn’t see the floor or the shelving. I asked Hubby to help me organize it. He’s always eager to throw stuff out, so perhaps he had the wrong impression re my request as he was most accommodating.  We got a few things moved out, and low and behold: my stool! Sadly, I’d accused Hubby of taking it and forgetting where he’d put it; I had even gone as far as saying “someone must have stolen it.” (Who, I didn’t know.)

And then I saw them: turds. Oh My Gosh–to put it mildly. In my linen closet?! Never, ever have they been in the closet. I needed to remove everything. Long story and job that was, so I won’t even start that tirade.

Needless to say, it was more than a morning’s work. And then I had to wash numerous precious items, most of them by hand. And NOT how I wanted to spend Good Friday–or any day, for that matter. I needed a drink (or two) badly, but 11 a.m. was a bit early, even for me.

So, now I have an extremely (for me) neat linen closet.


Okay, so it doesn’t look THAT neat, not in the photo. And it’s way bigger than it looks, too. It’s very deep and long. Six (or more) people can easily fit in it, not that THAT matters!

But, GAH, mice in my linen closet? What the heck! And where are they coming from?

After that, we tackled the TV cabinet. [If you’ve read my earlier post(s), you’ll understand.] Hubby removed all the electronics. GAH: more peanut shells. He was great, though, he dusted like crazy. First time I’ve seen him dust–or clean!


Once the linen closet and the TV cabinet were clean, I tackled the office (where I spend my days writing stories no one ever reads). It wasn’t in that bad a shape, but the surfaces needed organized and books replaced back on shelves. It’s also my library.

So, I opened the bottom drawer of Hubby’s desk to stog stuff into it.

Low and behold: peanut shells and turds.

Oh my! What has my life become?

I had kinda been joking in earlier posts when I said how I constantly look over my shoulders, but you know what? I need to. They’re everywhere. And who knows where!

It’s now 4:44 p.m. Time for a drink, right? (Maybe two…maybe three…)

And this is how my Good Friday went. I hope yours is/was better.

“Happy Easter,” says Oliver the Rabbit.

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Colouring Contest for Easter!

Only a couple more days remain for Oliver the Rabbit colouring contest!

Open to kids 5 to 8.  Deadline March 30, 2018.

For more information, check out OLIVER AND HIS BFF Facebook Page:

Oliver and His BFF


OLIVER AND HIS BFF, an illustrated book for children of all ages, will be available soon! (Although this book will be published during the Easter Season, it is not specifically geared toward Easter. It is a book about friendship and includes many different animals. The star, Oliver, and his BFF, Reggie, happen to be rabbits.)


Oliver Easter coloring page

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Easter Coloring Contest!

Oliver the Rabbit Easter Coloring Contest

Kids: Color the Oliver Rabbit Easter Page to win a print copy of the book OLIVER AND HIS BFF. Use your imagination to come up with cool color combinations. You can even add more to the page if you want.

Contest Rules and Terms: Facebook is in no way affiliated with this contest. They bear no responsibility for the contest or picking the winner. Cathy MacKenzie and Angel Sharum, the author and illustrator of the book OLIVER AND HIS BFF, are the official judges for the contest. They will pick the winner. All coloring pages entered into the contest must be uploaded to the Contest Album on the OLIVER AND HIS BFF Facebook Page.

The contest is open to children ages 5-8.

Parents: right-click the coloring page, save, and print. After your child finishes coloring, upload the page to the Contest Album.

The contest will run until March 30th. The winner will be picked and announced on the OLIVER AND HIS BFF Facebook page on April 2nd. The winner’s parents will have until April 7th to contact Cathy and Angel with information for mailing the print copy of the book. If the winner does not reply by April 7th, another coloring page will be chosen and announced on the 8th. A print copy of the book will be mailed to the winner by April 30th.

We can’t wait to see your coloring pages!

OLIVER AND HIS BFF, a story of friendship, suitable for 5 to 8, COMING SOON!


Oliver cover 2.jpg

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