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The Spot Writers – “Where Is the Love?”

Welcome to The Spot Writers. This month’s prompt is to choose a news article. Find 5 words in the article that jump out at you. Write a story using those words.

This week’s contribution comes from Cathy MacKenzie. Cathy’s novel, WOLVES DON’T KNOCK, a psychological drama, is available from her locally or on Amazon. MISTER WOLFE, the sequel, coming soon, as well as MY BROTHER, THE WOLF, the last of the series.


“Where Is the Love?” by Cathy MacKenzie


I don’t have to look at newspaper blurbs

To find five words

That jump out at me,

I don’t need to see

Ones that’ll stand out.


The ones that’ll shout

To me

Are these three:

Covid, social-distancing, death—

Seniors taking their last breath—

And these two:

Health and ICU.


This month of June

Couldn’t come too soon

But not much has changed,

The world is still deranged

And crazy.


People are lazy

And lackadaisical,


Ignoring masks

And other tasks.


What happened to social-distancing

And outdistancing,

Groups of ten

And wise women and men?


Summer is here,

We want to be near,

But without health

What is wealth?

Money or not,

Life can’t be bought.


I fear I exist

And co-exist

In a dream,

A nightmare

From which I’ll never wake

To give my head a shake.


Despite upheaval

And evil,

Can we pray

For words to say

That won’t hurt

And phrases we won’t blurt

Without thinking,

Without blinking

An eye?


I look to the sky

And pray for change,

That we may re-arrange


And help minorities,

That peace can prevail

Despite a gale.


Where is the love

Once sent from God above?


The Spot Writers—Our Members:

Val Muller: http://www.valmuller.com/blog/

Catherine A. MacKenzie: https://writingwicket.wordpress.com/wicker-chitter/

Phil Yeats: https://alankemisterauthor.wordpress.com

Chiara De Giorgi: https://chiaradegiorgi.blogspot.ca/


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Happy Mother’s Day

Sharing the poem I wrote today for my ever-missed mother, titled “A Poem for My Mother.”

Mom recent

I tried to grasp that shooting star,

The one I eyed from afar,

The largest one,

Greater than the sun.


I missed and reached for another,

A beautiful one like my mother,

A lovely luminous flame,

A true lady, a delightful dame.


But that’s pretend, a magical lie,

For who can reach that high

Let alone snatch a star from night

To selfishly rob Heaven of light.


And I’d not want to spoil the sight

By taking the loveliest light

Or remove it from its rightful place

And leave a senseless space.


But this special day is for my mother,

There can be no other,

And if I could, I’d borrow her star,

Whisk her away in a red sports car.


I’d share my every thought,

All that which past years wrought,

Everything the sun and moon kissed

Over the last four years she’s missed.


I have many such lights above,

All of whom I dearly love,

Father, grandparents, cousins, son,

I pray for them when day is done.


Oh, how I wish dreams came true,

That life didn’t sometimes morph to blue,

That death could be forever flowers

Flourishing ‘neath soothing showers.





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It Only Takes One

Check out the March issue of  Open Heart Forgery, a free local publication in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve had several poems published in this pamphlet of a magazine. It’s actually not hard; if there’s room and one’s poem is reasonably okay, it’ll be published. (At least, that’s my understanding.) Poems must be a maximum of 28  lines long and a max of 43 letters wide. Only one submission per author per month and a max of four poems per year. One must be a resident of HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality).

Here is my poem, “It Only Takes One”:

The night is hollow and cold,
and I’m alone in blackness;
I’ve never liked the dark,
don’t like what I can’t see.

Stars are funny creatures,
resting and hiding by day;
They emerge at night to party,
when their florid faces glow.

They glare at us, those stars,
spying upon us in the quiet;
And we stare back at them,
seeking fruitless fantasies.

I’ve never liked the dark,
Don’t like what I can’t see;
I beg I beg upon one star,
Please let my wish come true.

New post on Open Heart Forgery

March 2018

by ohforgery


View Issue vol. 9, no. 2
ISSN 2369-6516 (Print)
ISSN 2369-6524 (Online)

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