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Silly Tree? What’s a silly tree??

Silly Tree Anthologies is a new venture by Angel Sharum and Cathy MacKenzie. We just put out our second “call for submissions.” We had several great stories sent in for our first call, but not enough for the book we had hoped for, so we trashed that topic and started another.

Ok. The truth. We’re not offering prize money, nor are we offering compensation for publication. I get that. But, we also aren’t charging for submissions, and most publications charge at least $10.00 for a submission, if not upwards of $25.00 or $35.00.

So. We’re free. FREE. It won’t cost you a penny to submit a story to us. This isn’t a contest. We just want to have a total of 50,000 words in order to publish a wonderful anthology. Yes, of course, they need to be decent stories—no, more than that, they need to be GREAT stories; we’re not publishing crap. In return, however, you will have a professionally edited story (yes, we have a professional editor on hand who will be paid for services rendered) at the end of six months of the publication date. You can do whatever you like with this story. Granted, the odds are against another publication picking up your story, since publications like to have work that is “previously unpublished,” but you can publish it in your own collection and be assured that it is worthy of being in the public’s eye.

Along with a professionally edited version of your story, you will also receive a complementary e-book of the final product. I can guarantee you there will be lots of good reading there. And you—yes, YOU—will be published in an anthology! And who knows what that exposure will bring to you!

What are you waiting for? Submit your scary, terrifying story to us before June 1, 2013. This anthology will be in honor of Halloween.

Check out the submissions guidelines:http://sillytreeanthologies.blogspot.com/

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Call for Submissions – Silly Tree Anthologies

Silly Tree Anthologies is now taking submissions for a scary, terrifying, bone-chilling anthology.

Send us a story that will scare us spitless! Get your stories in before June 1, 2013.

Check out the submissions page: http://sillytreeanthologies.blogspot.ca/p/about.html

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