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Pragmatic. I used that word the other afternoon when we were discussing remodelling our kitchen. Hubby has grandiose visions whereas I’m definitely simpler and more “pragmatic.”

We had a biting a discussion on pragmatism and what that meant. I’m not a dictionary, as much as I’d love to possess all that knowledge in my head, but even though I had never used the word before, the usage in my sentence was correct.

“Practical, realistic,” I told him.

Hubby thrives off debate, however.

So, later, when we sat before the fireplace, trying to stay warm in this Mexican cold snap, he brought up the subject again. Frustrated, I raced upstairs to retrieve my faithful tablet and the definition app.

“Pragmatic does mean practical and realistic,” I said, “just as I told you!” I didn’t let on it also means “hardnosed” and “hard-headed,” which I believe was the gist of his dispute.

Then he had to argue about the sentence I had used, which neither of us could remember. So we bickered about that for a bit.

Hubby always thinks he’s right. No use arguing with him. Even when he knows I’m right, he doesn’t quit. And I can’t stand arguing.

We both gave it up.

Pragmatic. That’s what we both are: pragmatic.



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