What Is Time?

This poem tied for first place in a small group I belong to. Thing is, only two entries were submitted. The idea is to give a “heart” to your favourite entry. Well, with only two of us entering, the other contestant voted for mine and I voted for hers. Not sure either of us can claim a win, ha ha.

This is the image we had to write to.


“What Is Time?”

What is time
But passing rhyme,

Illusion of space,
Running the race,
Limbs that move,
In the groove.

A loving embrace,
A lonely chase,
Hearts that beat,
Friends who meet.

Tidal waves,
Stalactites in caves,
Serenading song,
Ding, dong.

Seconds, minutes, hours,
A dream sours,
Sand in the hourglass,
Thru the looking glass.

A new week,
Straining to seek,
Undiscovered days,
A different phase.

Out with the old,
In with the cold,
Shouldering storms,
Until life warms.

Sweating the heat,
Pluralize cheat,
Open your eyes,
Catch the lies.

Stars in the sky,
Moon hanging high,
The setting sun,
Day is done.

Oh, what is time
But passing rhyme,
Hands on the clock,
Tick, tock.

C.A. MacKenzie is the author of (among other books) the novel WOLVES DON’T KNOCK, a psychological drama/thriller, available from the author or at various retailers including Amazon [https://www.amazon.com/Wolves-Dont-Knock-C-MacKenzie/dp/1927529387/].

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One response to “What Is Time?

  1. You got my vote for first place. Your poem covered everything in life. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

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