The Spot Writers – We Mourn

     Robert (Bob) Bonitz, the founding member of The Spot Writers, passed away on September 19.
Bob Bonitz
     He dropped out of the group last year, but we’ve managed to slog along without him.
     Bob and I had corresponded often re writing issues. We connected years ago via Rebel Ink Press and Dancing With Bear Publishing, and we were also Facebook friends. Bob had novels published with both publishing companies, while I had a novella and short stories.
     The Spot Writers is an online group of four. We each write to a specific prompt once a month and post our individual stories every Thursday. Val Muller and I are still with the group and have been since its inception in 2011. She and I have managed to keep the group going despite having to frequently recruit new members to keep the group at four. We have missed Bob during his absence.
     Such lame, mundane words, but rest in peace, Bob. We won’t forget you.
C.A. MacKenzie is the author of (among other books) the novel WOLVES DON’T KNOCK, a psychological drama/thriller, available from the author or at various retailers including Amazon [].

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