Saint Joseph, Home Seller

Saint Joseph 1

When I was visiting my son and his family at their new house a couple of weeks ago, my daughter-in-law mentioned a saint she is certain aided in selling their home. They had been on the verge of freaking since they had purchased another home before selling their old one.

“It’s a little statue,” she said. “It’s a home seller kit.”

She relayed how friends had purchased the statute and immediately sold their home. So, of course, she wanted one for herself. Soon after burying the statue in their yard, they had an offer. Their deal was closing the following Tuesday. “I must go back to dig it up and bring it over here,” she said. Apparently, once the deal closes, the statute is to be buried at the new home.

“I need one,” I said. Hubby and I are putting our house on the market in the spring, and I’ve been worried about it not selling as quickly as we’d like.

We were busy while visiting and never got to their local pharmacy to purchase one. When I got home, I found them online at various sites, but instead of ordering one for me, I ordered one for my brother Hugh, who has been trying to sell his house for almost a year. (A couple of days later, I ordered one for me.)

I had actually mentioned these kits to Hugh, who lives in another province, in a conversation after we returned home. He scoffed, asking, “Are they like Elf on the Shelf?” I laughed. “Something like, I guess.”

I placed Hugh’s order December 14, and delivery was expected December 21 or 22. I was elated. A surprise Christmas gift!

After placing the order, I was in dire anticipation. Hugh would get a kick out of it, and I couldn’t wait to hear his reaction. I checked the tracking every day, which took days to update (like waiting for water to boil!). Finally, I received notification it would be delivered on the 27th. I was upset it wouldn’t arrive by Christmas, but a gift after the holidays would be a special treat. Despite that, I still checked the tracking every day in the hopes it would arrive earlier.

Then came an update that a card had been left re delivery. I hope it doesn’t get lost, I thought, thinking delivery had been attempted at their home. Later that day, I realized the card had been left in their postal box to pick up at the post office.

I waited all day; no pick up.

The next day, I waited again. Finally, in the afternoon, tracking updated that Hugh had picked it up, and I waited eagerly again for a call or a text. Nothing for hours. Then, I received a text: “Got a parcel today. Very nice (and funny).”

Hugh had previously notified me they had a showing that Saturday. “You’ll have to bury it before Saturday,” I texted. His text crossed mine: “I will have to bury statue in snow tomorrow before people look at house Saturday.”

“Not sure if it’ll work in snow,” I texted back. I knew there were particular instructions as to burial; either feet up toward Heaven or feet down toward Hell, and I wasn’t sure if snow constituted burial. I impatiently awaited my saint, which would give me precise instructions.

Minutes later, I received another text from him: “Funny, actually. When I opened it, I saw a religious figure and thought it was from Harry. Then I realized what it was and immediately knew it was from you.”

“Ha ha, that is funny,” I texted back.

Harry is the more religious of our siblings, so a religious statue wouldn’t have been out of the realm. Thinking of Harry reminded me of our recent conversation. After I shared the news of the saints I had ordered and explained the significance, thinking he’d never heard of them, Harry’s memory was jogged and he relayed the story of a friend who had tried to sell his house for several years to no avail—even with the statue. Turned out, he had buried it the wrong way. The day after he righted it, the house sold!

I received my order today. I’m amazed at the size of Saint Joseph. Only three and a half inches tall. But so cute! The packaging is adorable, too. It comes with a prayer card, as well as a card of instructions and the history of the saint.

The statute must be buried upside down with its feet pointing toward Heaven. It can be faced toward the house being sold or toward the new house one’ll be moving into. Some place it near the “for sale” sign, some in the back yard, some in a corner of the property. Condo owners favour flower plots or plants. Once the house sells, one unearths the statue and takes it to the new house, which brings good luck.

Hmm, I thought. Nothing says it actually has to be placed in dirt, so I suppose snow will be okay. Nothing much Hugh can do about it, not with the ground frozen and covered in snow.

I now have something to look forward to: spring, so I can plant my Saint Joseph and sell our house! I’ll be sure to plant him feet upward, toward Heaven and not toward Hell.

Saint Joseph 2


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