Good Kijijers

In a recent post, I lambasted Kijiji People. I even compared them to Walmart People. I take that back. Some good Kijiji People exist.

Then again, there are still the bad.

I have numerous items for sale on Kijiji (Hubs and I trying to downsize). I’ve suffered the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. For instance, I have items listed at $25.00 (excellent buys, by the way) and KP bombard me with: Will you take $20? Will you take $15? These questions are prospective purchases sight unseen. What would they offer me in person? Would they be as bold? (Another post will follow about more recent, harrowing episodes.)

If you’re one of those KPers, and you didn’t receive a response, it’s because I’ve simply hit the DELETE button! Or, if I was in an especially good mood, maybe I replied, “Um, no, sorry. Price is firm.”

I’m thinking I might go into my ads and increase the price of each item proportionately by at least $5.00. That way, when they haggle, I’ll end up at my intended price.

But I digress.

Today, I searched for the services of a KPer. I know! Scary, right?

Yeah, Wifey (me!) was getting tired of Hubby not using his man cave. Long story, but months ago he disconnected our home theatre and was unable to hook it back up. Oops—he succeeded in hooking it back up, but either the TV was silent, like movies before sound had been invented, or pictureless, as if one watched a radio. Neither was conducive to Hubby remaining in his man cave. Instead, he took over the living room.

Today, he moaned again about his poor, unused man cave.

“Want me to check Kijiji?” I asked. “I’m sure I can find someone capable of inserting the right wire into the right slot.” (Or the left wire into the left slot . . .)

Hubby’s eyes lit up. “Yes, please do.”

Please? When had he ever mumbled a “please”?

He trailed me to my computer. Gah, how I hate him hovering over me, especially while on my computer. Who knows what I might have left unminimized.

I found three individuals suitable for the job and fired off emails.

Within minutes, I received a reply. Hired him on the spot. Ninety minutes later, he appeared at our door. Two hours and $209 later, he disappeared.

Hubby and I then ate dinner, after which he headed to his man cave.

He’s in his glory now.

So am I.


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