The Spot Writers – “People Watching Leads to Speculation,” by Tom Robson

Welcome to the Spot Writers. The prompt is “people watching.” This poem comes from Tom Robson. Check out his memoir book, WRITTEN WHILE I STILL REMEMBER, A PATCHWORK MEMOIR, available on Amazon:


People Watching Leads to Speculation

It really is none of my business;

All this sexist speculation.

I should be ashamed!


The lady must be close to two meters tall.

You would think she would prefer a shadowy, corner seat.

But the three dinners and breakfast we shared – not as companions –

Were at a resort hotel buffet, where she had to rise and parade

To collect each course.


But inevitably drawing attention to herself.


But she’s none of my business

I regret speculating,

But her presence seems to insist that I do.


By herself, she’s remarkable; thirtyish and blonde.

She’s feminine, and likes to wear baubles.

Well dressed, for a woman of her large proportions.

And at near one hundred kilos, that’s not easy to do.

Those are masculine dimensions.

But no combination of hormones and surgery could replicate the bosom

Of which she seems most proud.


But that’s none of my business.

Yet temptation to avoid speculation

Is countered by her choice of vacation companions.


For women, they’re so tall. Yet their flamboyant dress

Bejeweled and attractive, accents femininity. “But is that hair real?’

Though older, they draw our attention, as they scout the buffet.

With large hands and square shoulders, muscled arms and stout calves.

Large featured faces, artfully made up,

Yet over the top and provoking attention which stimulate questions.


But they too are none of my business.

Why do I question their gender?

They are what they want us to see.


With continued glances past neighboring tables,

Eyes measure the hip width, seek five-o-clock shadow, and masculine larynx.

Was that Adam’s Apple? And can it be Eve’s?

But one thing’s quite certain; voluptuous Ms Amazon,

Over-generously proportioned, is very much a woman who bears her size well.


It’s still not my business.

This speculative invasion of private affairs.

And the reason? Just cheap titillation.


We’re all here on vacation; an escape from what’s real

And routine and plain boring.  We dream as we plan.

We go somewhere different, to places exciting,

Somewhere we’re not known.

And we travel with people who share our enjoyment;

And secrets of things that we do far from home. We may act somewhat different,

Exhibit a false front, create new personas and be what we’re not.


And that’s only our business.

It promotes speculation.

Is he for real? Do you believe that? So what!


In our small town suburbia or village. In our house or our fifteenth floor flat.

In city, or country. Apartment or condo,

At home with a family, or living alone. Office or retail; professional or not,

You are who you are, every day, in your world.


But on your vacation you’re any new person for your new world to see.

It’s not anybody’s business

To question your presence;

To speculate whether you’re real or you’re not.


Were she ten inches shorter and sixty pounds lighter,

Alone or accompanied; unobtrusive or standout,

Nobody would question Ms Amazon’s presence.

Yet she is how she is and so are her friends.

And on any vacation, that’s the way it should be.

In all realms of life, that’s the way it should be.



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