The Spot Writers – “Somebody,” by RC Bonitz

Welcome to the Spot Writers. The prompt for this month is to use the following 4 phrases in a tale (in any order): “back to school,” “glorious roar,” “and then it fizzled,” “while the wind gusted.”  Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of A BLANKET FOR HER HEART. His latest book, DANGEROUS DECISIONS, will be published soon by REBEL INK PRESS.



 The fire burned with a glorious roar while the wind gusted outside the rustic log cabin. He sat quietly, almost dozing, listening to the pop and crackle of the flames, imagining Cheryl smiling beside him in the other Adirondack chair. Except the chair sat empty, she wasn’t there. Helluva summer vacation this was. Weather cold and raw, the winds too strong to take his canoe out on the lake, and no Cheryl. He could deal with the weather, hell that was a minor inconvenience.

Every time he saw her image in his head now she was grim faced. No more those smiling sparkly eyes, the warm grins she’d had for him the past six months. He’d thought she loved him. Their chemistry had been hot and fiery, but then it fizzled out, leaving only open echoes, memories and dreams. All because he’d asked her to marry him? There had to be more to it than that, what was he missing?

He’d be going back to school next month and she’d be there. Or would she? Did she care so little that she’d face him in class as if nothing had ever happened between them? He groaned. Damnation, a girl could tie a guy in knots with a flick of an eye. Well he would not let that happen anymore She’d ruined his summer vacation, but that was it, no more.  He grinned. When he got back to school, he’d date her best friend Carol, that would fix her. Or Wendy. Or Jennifer. Or somebody.




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RC Bonitz

Val Muller

Catherine A. MacKenzie



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