Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything other than posts for the Thursday Spot Writers. Life’s been busy.

To start off: Google’s been giving me a hard time lately. Obviously, with nearly 10,000 emails in my inbox, not to mention sent messages, drafts, spam and trash, plus Google drive where I’ve been storing numerous files, I am filled to capacity. So, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been deleting like mad and, of course, inadvertently deleted the post I wrote late on Saturday that I was going to post on Sunday. I shudder to think what other important info I’ve deleted by mistake.

So (gah!) here I go, trying to replicate that post. Not much fun doing repetitious work due to stupidity, not when I have a million other things to do.

The deleted post was a “funny” about my birthday, which was Saturday, May 2. I received hundreds of b’day wishes on Facebook, but not one from my hubby. Shouldn’t he be remembering my special day?

If you, the reader, were around my blog this time last year, you might remember how he messed up both our anniversary and my birthday that year. When—after our anniversary but before my birthday—he presented me with flowers and other gifts and an expensive dinner out, I didn’t know if he was celebrating a late anniversary or an early birthday (both are within three weeks of each other). I didn’t ask, mainly because I was too confused. (We did discuss it later and had a great laugh! Turns out he had both dates wrong but did go “all out” for both occasions, more so than any other previous year.)

Hubby usually brings up important dates a couple of days ahead for my input.  Nope, not this year.  When there were no birthday wishes by noon on my special day, I knew he had forgotten. Even a couple of phone calls to me didn’t jog his memory—not even the birth of the royal baby made him stop to think, Hey, it might be my wife’s birthday today, too—not that he’s at all interested in the monarchy.

When he broke out in “Sixteen Candles” at dinner a few minutes after my last phone call, I thought Aha, he’s remembered.  Nope. He was just singing aimlessly as he sometimes does.

I might have had a bit too much vino on Saturday. After all, I had to cook dinner on my special day, so I felt I deserved an extra sip or two. So I got onto Facebook and kinda went overboard. After baring my soul and spilling my guts and mentioning how Hubby had burst out into song, a Facebook friend said Hubby was messing with me. To be honest, I had thought so, too, but just for a mere second.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to see The Age of Adaline (an excellent movie, by the way!). The movie wasn’t on Hubby’s must-see list, but I thought I deserved a belated “something” instead of slaving in the yard despite the day being the nicest one we’ve had since summer 2014. At the mention of anniversaries and birthdays in the movie, I half expected a couple of jabs from him. Like, Hey, did I miss something?


Did I tell you he forgot our anniversary this year as well? Yep, he did. Despite his confusion of the dates last year, at least I was remembered, and it was wonderful when he went beyond the call of duty then on both occasions.

Mother’s Day is coming up. I was in the card section Saturday while we were shopping. When Hubby asked what I was doing, I said I was buying a Mother’s Day card. I thought for sure that would jar his memory. Surely he remembers how close my birthday is to Mother’s Day.

Obviously not.

In retrospect, Saturday was kind of hilarious with all the Facebook postings I made. Of course, the wine helped with the flow. And the lack of shame and inhibition. But the situation WAS funny then.

Sunday and Monday, not so much.

Today, Tuesday, I’m a tad miffed. Pissed, to be more exact.

I’m upset, too, ‘cause I have several beautiful birthday cards I can’t display. I won’t display them. I won’t give him the opportunity to fess up because he’s been reminded. I want to see how long it’ll be before he clues in.

Of course, the situation could backfire on me. Perhaps he’s forgotten on purpose though why I don’t know. There’s no lover’s tiff at the moment.

Or perhaps he’ll never remember. The joke will be on me then!

May all your birthdays be happy…


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