Forgotten Dates

Hubby gave me a FitBit two nights ago, on Monday, shortly after I suggested we start walking every evening after dinner.

“You might as well have it now instead of Wednesday,” he said. “If you’d like your present early, that is.”

Present? Wednesday? Early?  “Whatever you want,” I said.

“I bought it awhile.” He ran out to his vehicle, returned, and presented me with a box containing a FitBit. Of course, I didn’t know it was a FitBit, nor had I ever heard of the name, but obviously it had something to do with exercising.

“I was going to wrap it,” he said, “but since you’re getting it early…”

 Ok, I thought. I’m confused. Today is Monday, the 14th. A bit early for my birthday which isn’t until Friday, May 2. Our anniversary, which you conveniently forgot or ignored, was last week, on Tuesday, April 8. What’s all this got to do with Wednesday? I was a bit miffed that he had forgotten our anniversary–again!  And it was more than two weeks early for my birthday! Does that mean I’m not getting a gift on my special day?

Yesterday, Tuesday, Hubby called me around 2 p.m. “I might be late tomorrow, so do you want to go out to dinner tonight instead of Wednesday?”

Tonight? Instead of Wednesday? What’s up with Wednesday? And why this dinner? Maybe he had days mixed up. Good Friday was this week. Maybe he thought we couldn’t go out Friday being a holiday. (We always go out Friday for dinner and to a show.)

So, last night, Tuesday, the 15th, he arrived home with flowers, which he plopped on the counter without a word. For me? The confusion mounted. Then we drove downtown to an expensive restaurant, where we enjoyed a romantic evening with excellent food and a bottle of wine. Near the end of the meal, he said, “I’m thinking I won’t be that late tomorrow after all, so maybe we should pick up a bottle of wine. Get something special to eat for dinner.”

“Ok,” I said, still confused. Why all this special treatment two weeks before my birthday? Couldn’t you have saved the flowers for my day? And two special dinners? Tonight and tomorrow?

I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but on the way to the car after leaving the restaurant, the confusion cleared up. Hubby thought our anniversary was Wednesday the 15th..  A discussion ensued.

“Yes, it’s the 15th,” he insisted. “I wrote it in my Daytimer last year.”

“Nope,” I said. “It was last week, Tuesday, the 8th.”

“No, it isn’t. It’s the 15th. ” There was a pause. “You forgot too, then. You didn’t say anything. You didn’t give me a gift.”

“You haven’t remembered our anniversary for four years now, so I wasn’t mentioning it this year,” I replied.

“Oh, I have too remembered.”

No, you haven’t. We bantered back and forth. He never did admit he was wrong, but when he finally shut up, his lack of speech affirmed his mistake.

“I guess we don’t need to go to the liquor store now, do we?” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“Our anniversary is over. No sense celebrating tomorrow.”

He laughed. “We’ll still celebrate.”

The whole episode was rather funny. Not once did I ever think he had forgotten the date of our anniversary and had assumed it was an early birthday, though even that didn’t make much sense.

So we went to the liquor store, bought a New Zealand bottle of Kim Crawford. (My cousin in New Zealand had raved about it when we visited there last year.) Then we went to the grocery store to buy a few treats for dinner.

Today, Wednesday, I’ve been slow-cooking dry ribs for dinner. I’ve prepared the stuffing for the mushroom caps. The lobster is thawing. I’m antsy to open the wine, but I guess I better wait for Hubby.

However, I’m still confused. Today is Wednesday, the 16th. Hubby harped about Wednesday being our anniversary yet insisted our anniversary was the 15th.

I love my FitBit though. Thank you, Hubby.




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