Dancing Leg (not for the faint of heart!)

It’s a wonder I slept last night. I might not have, except I’ve been sick for a couple of days and that’s wore me out. Sickness is tiring; you don’t really sleep, and if you do, you toss and turn or wake up every half hour from the throes of a nightmare. At least that’s what happens to me.

Yesterday, I stripped the bed and did a load of wash. I threw the dry linens on the bed and a few minutes later returned to the bedroom to make the bed. I moved one end of the comforter, about to pick it and the bedspread off the bed. Just as I did, I saw a huge spider on the comforter, screamed for Hubby to come save me, and shook the fabric enough to jostle the evilness to the floor. I screamed again, and he finally came running.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” He’s shrieking, too, by that time, thinking I was having a heart attack or dying, after my recent illness. Perhaps a heart attack was lurking. Spiders are my worst enemy. If they would stay in their own territory and not invade mine, they’d live longer.

By that time, the spider was under the bed. Luckily I had just swept that morning and gotten rid of the dust bunnies. (This is Mexico; there are no vacuums and there are swarms of those grey, lurking bunnies.)

“There it is,” I yelled, a second after I thought it had disappeared for good.

“Oh, it’s just a teeny thing,” Hubby said. Then again, he says that every time he has to kill one for me.

“Get the broom!  It’s right there!” I pointed. I hate it when he uses his hand or a shoe to smack them dead. He pulled a tissue from his pocket and proceeded to chase it across the floor. He did get it, in the end. Mexican spiders are fast, extremely fast. That particular spider was the long-legged type, not a Daddy Long Legs, similar, but of a bit more substance. He squished the body, and I shrieked and averted my head. The sight would be repulsive.

“Hey, look at this,” he shouted. “The leg is still moving! How can that be when it’s not attached to the body?”

Against my better judgement, I looked. Sure enough, the detached thread-like leg was bouncing around, as if trying to find its mother. Or its body?



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