There Is a Sun!!!

It’s been five days of darkness and constant rain, but today we woke up to a bright light streaming into our bedroom.

The weather is unreal for this time of year in Mexico. Not just the rain. It’s been cold, too. Down as low as 8 degrees Celsius through the days, even colder at night. It’s been just plain damp and miserable. Hubby and I have been hunkering in this cold house with the little electric heater on full blast, which doesn’t make a spit of difference. We’ll see it in our electric bill, though, since we’re limited here to $25 U.S. a month (stipulation in the lease—odd, yes!).

We didn’t even go out New Year’s Eve. Instead, we ate reheated fried chicken, which we didn’t finish at lunch, and cooked up some onion rings. Drank a bottle of wine. Had some luscious lime ice cream for dessert. We relaxed in the living room, bundled up in blankets, although it did get warmer as the evening progressed. Hubby watched TV; I watched a bit, but mostly I wrote.

I’ve been “inspired” the past couple of weeks, and I’ve written at least seven stories (which obviously all need  more work before being presentable for public consumption, because who can write that much that fast??); fixed up a few old, half-done stories; worked on my editing job; and read some books. In between all that, I’ve tried to keep Hubby reasonably happy, since I know he’s a tad miffed I’m spending more time on my “hobbies” than paying attention to him. (But, Hubby, dear heart, that’s just too bad. When we’re home, you’re off at work every day leaving me to my own defences, so there! And I do have a life outside of you!)

(Luckily Hubby is unaware I have a blog, hee hee hee. He would not like to be referred to as “Hubby,” nor would he enjoy my comments. Oh well…)

Back to the sun: Thursday through Saturday are supposed to be full sun and close to 20 degrees. Sunday cloudy. Then, rain is forecasted again for Monday and Tuesday.

Perhaps I’ll head back to Walmart. Every time I enter that store, I buy another couple of sweaters. It looks like it’ll be awhile before the hot days of Mexico return.



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