I received another rejection email today. And one last week. Being a writer, that’s hard, especially when you believe you’ve penned a masterpiece.

Today’s rejection wasn’t as bad as the one I received last week, since today’s was merely a simple, little flash fiction. Of course, I liked this metaphoric piece or I wouldn’t have sent it off with bated breath. Miracles upon miracles, I even received feedback. Actually, two individuals “critiqued” it in the one email; the second person clued in my story was a metaphor (and even guessed correctly what it really referred to!), which pleased me.

But, my other story, which was about 8,000 words and one of my best works—or so I thought—really hurt. And that email rejection was actually the second I received within two weeks for that particular story. I had truly truly thought I had a masterpiece. Truly I did!

Obviously not. I’m so devastated by the loss I’m about ready to trash my writing “career.” No, I won’t. Even if no one reads my work, I’ll persevere. And wait for more rejection letters, which I’m sure will be forthcoming!

Merry Christmas everyone! May you all receive acceptances in your inboxes!



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2 responses to “Rejections!

  1. Cay

    I’m somehow, already, dreading the days, if I ever get there, when I’ll be sitting holding my breath hoping for a positive reply.
    Don’t give up!


  2. It can be hard to receive rejections, especially on a story you’re particularly fond of. I’m waiting to hear back on a few submissions now, and I don’t know what’s worse—the waiting, or receiving a rejection. Ugh!

    And if I get a rejection when I’m in a crappy mood already, I go through the same brief “It’s time for me to throw in the towel” lament. But I always come out the other side and continue writing.

    Merry Christmas to you as well! 🙂


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