Dear Facebook (part II)

Dear Facebook:

(Part II)


I apologize.

Often I’m unwise

And take too hard

Those words scarred

With incoherent meaning,

Perhaps people not scheming

Nor words written from hate

Nor words there to bait.

I know the truth,

I don’t need to be a sleuth,

But I want a thicker skin to cope.

Someday I’ll find it, I hope.


But you do “do good”

And I’m happy for you.

And for me.

For I’ve discovered old friends

Lost for a time, now found,

And it’s easy to keep in touch

With those we love so much

And sometimes strangers care

More than those nearby who glare.


Facebook, you pass my time

When I’m out of rhyme

And words don’t flow

And when my day goes too slow.

You help me over hurdles

When life sometimes curdles

The simplest things,

Yet hope eternal springs

Its theme of love and joy

Like a child with a new toy.


I’m grateful for all my friends,

Even those God lends

For a time until we’re through

Despite leftover words to chew

And spit out and hopefully forget

Without sweat.


Facebook, ignore my previous words,

They’ve flown away with the birds.

I’m here to stay awhile,

More days for you to beguile.

I’m still wary of what I may find

From those not so kind

But I’ll take chance in stride

My eyes I’ve dried.


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