Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook:


The lies you tell,

The words you misconstrue

Perhaps tell me it’s time

To bid farewell, adieu.


I used to greet

Your blue-lined face

Which stared at me

As many loomed,

Now I dread

What I might see:

Cheating husbands,

Wanton wives,

Contrary children,

Bold-faced caps.



Don’t scream to me

Of your sinful truths,

The hypocrisy,

The mindlessness,

The two-facedness.


My true friends here are few,

True-bloods call out to me

Via person or email,

They do not wait for me

To check in on you.


Too many strangers

Linger and wait

And spy on me

And never comment

Until there’s a post

They hate,

Then they narrow in

To pluck my guts

Or pierce my heart

And leave a gap.


I waste time myself

Checking who is who

And what is what

While the clock clicks by

Echoing ‘round my ears,

Yet, I hear nothing

And nothing of importance

Do I see.


My mind says set me free

From vacuousness

And viciousness

And frivolity.


Yet, you remain

In front of me

While I write the stories

To cleanse my soul,

And I can’t help but peek

Just once more

Into your many souls.


I want to bid farewell

But instead perhaps I’ll lurk

As others lurk unto me,

I will keep mum

Then words won’t hurt

The bottom of my soul,

I will not spy

But will read what pops

While I’m there

And take what I may

And what I can afford.


Those others –

Poof on them!

They can live with themselves

And share their lives with the world

To see.


I’ll keep quiet,

My life I’ll live and lead,

I’ll write my stories

For me to read,

My legacy when I die.


Tho evermore my soul may roam

Thru Facebook heaven

With a groan and a moan,

For it’s hard to stay away

Even when you’ve died.



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