Today – The Happy Day!


Lord God, as we sit at Your table,

the table that You have filled with the earth’s bounty for our celebration,

bless us all and the food that we are about to share

with Tanya and Jake in their first meal together

as Husband and Wife.

As food nourishes the body, so does love nourish the soul.

May our conversation this day remind us of how true this is

and may we offer one another strength and support.

Grant that this meal enrich us with wisdom and laughter

enough that its memory shall last for the rest of our days.



Toast to Tanya

I’m Cathy, Jake’s mother, as the MC stated. Thank you for being here to share this extra-special day, especially those of you who have travelled long distances.

On behalf of my husband, Gary; my mother, who unfortunately due to sudden health issues could not travel; and my four siblings, two of whom are here with their spouses and two whom, due to distance, are not, I welcome Tanya to our MacKenzie family. It was nice to finally meet Tanya’s parents, Myron and Diane, and to have the opportunity for them to meet us.

When Jake was a teenager, he adamantly swore he’d never marry or have children. This view continued through his twenties and into his thirties. It wasn’t until his mid-thirties when he announced he had changed his mind, and then, of course, he had to wait until he found his Miss Perfect.

Jake has always been quite fussy re women, and I knew he’d never settle for just anyone, no matter how desperate he might have felt. I had totally given up on him until he and Tanya officially became engaged. Obviously, she’s an extra-special woman for him to finally take the plunge! Sometimes one has to kiss a lot of frogs to find one’s prince or princess; obviously that’s what Jake and Tanya went through, for I am certain Jake considers Tanya his princess, just as Tanya thinks of Jake as her prince. I’ve never seen Jake happier with a woman than he has been with Tanya.

So today, finally—at the mature age of 41—Jake is now married to the Perfect Princess he’s always dreamed of. After all this time, as cliché as it is—their union must truly be a match made in Heaven. It’s even more remarkable in this era that neither has previously been married nor had children. Almost a miracle!

Tanya, you are a lovely woman, inside and out, and I am proud and happy to call you my daughter-in-law. Even though the future may bring differences, I hope we will always remain friends. In front of these witnesses, I promise to never be one of those infamous meddling mother-in-laws. And I hope I’m never the brunt of those cruel mother-in-law jokes. All I want for the two of you is a lifetime of joy—and to produce a couple of kids.

Jake and Tanya, true love is precious and sometimes rare. I pray you continue to treat each other with mutual trust, respect, and honesty, for if those elements are lacking, your marriage will not prosper as it should.

Tanya, again, on behalf of the MacKenzies, my warmest welcome to our family!

Let’s raise our glasses and toast new families.


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