Water Haven III

If you’ve been reading The Spot Writers’ postings on this blog (The Spot Writers = a group of four), you may remember my “Water Haven I” and my “Water Haven II” series. Although I hadn’t planned to continue with those little snippets of nonsense (depending upon your point of view, LOL), I did. The following post, “Water Haven III,” is the third and last in the series. Enjoy…or not!


Water Haven III

I like to swim at night when it’s dark, calm and quiet. Tonight the slight breeze brushes warmly across my face, almost like water fairies caressing me with downy butterfly wings. My arms grasp the heated water as I propel myself along, back and forth, up and down. I’m amazed I manage to count my laps despite the myriad of thoughts flowing through my mind.

My tears hide behind my eyes, just waiting to be set free, but I’m beyond tears, even though I’m alone and able to let them flow. Even were I not alone, the tears would be indecipherable when they melded with the water. I should take advantage of the opportunity for release, but I don’t. Perhaps I’ve spilled too many tears too often—to no avail—that it’s not worth my effort any longer.

Or perhaps I don’t care.

The water is seamless and affectionate, like I’m diving into tepid velvety yogurt. The silky warmth billows around me, caressing my body like no man ever has. Its smoothness entices me to remain within its arms forever, tantalizing me to stay. But I have to leave. I’m not ready for a water haven yet—at least not a permanent one. Despite my troubles and problems—whether real or imagined—they’re real to me, and I must accept them or move on. Just as I’m not ready for these depths, I’m not ready to flee. I’m better and stronger than that. I’ve done nothing wrong, nothing to be ashamed of. I’ll fight for me. I’ll be strong and stand even straighter and taller. Taller than you or him. I’ll accomplish even more to be proud of and be content with what I have. I’ll control my destiny—not him or her or you. I’ll remain strong and in control.

I’m me. Just me—for better or worse. I’ll take care of me.


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