Ode to Tyler

Ode to Tyler

Thirty-two years ago

A cherubic boy was born,

Hair so blonde, eyes so blue,

A fearless lad

Who lived a life extreme.


Despite tragedy –

“Legs are overrated,”

he did say –

He embraced his new world,

Still living on the edge.


Who gets struck by lightning twice?

Perhaps it was meant to be:

His time coming due

When God needed him

To create chariots

Up in Heaven.

He’ll use his hands

And stretch his legs,

A spirit running free.


Tomorrow we may see him –

A shadow zooming by –

Hair flying through the wind,

Wheels barely touching ground.

He’ll wave to us

And we’ll yell to him:

“Thanks for dropping in.”


We’ll forever remember Tyler,

Who left his mark,

An inspiration to us all.


December 22, 1980-April 16, 2013


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