Creepy Crazy Christmas #2

I was forced to add “#2” to this posting since my previous posting was of the same name (although, since it was the first, I didn’t have to specify it was #1). I also never planned to do a number two, but if I had, I would have used the original title of “Masterpieces and Tears” for that first post. If you haven’t already, you have to read that first blog posting to understand that title, which is VERY appropriate!

So my Creepy Crazy Christmas book is now out. Today! And I’m sitting here, waiting for the rave reviews.

And waiting…and waiting…

Okay, it’s early yet. And people are busy, I know that. It’s the Christmas season and all; of course everyone’s busy.

But…if they don’t see my book soon, Christmas will be over, and all my hard work will be for naught, for who wants to read Christmas stories in January or February? No one, that’s who. I’m not stupid, ya know. And definitely no one will want to read them during the summer months. So, I have to get my promotion out there pronto!

For the heck of it, I performed a google search of my book title and found myself up there – first in line. Who would have thought? Not me.

Below my listing, there are several other “Creepy Crazy Christmas” results. They all look to be about the same topic – “Forbidden Thrills: Creepy Crazy Christmas Classics” – and appear to be about creepy and strange movies. The other few below those don’t count, because the words are separated by commas.

So, from the little I can see, I only have to compete with two old movies from 1959 and 1964, so that is good! Except, when I look further, the movies star Burt Lancaster and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I’m not sure I can compete with them. Perhaps I can compete against Arnold (cause who wants to pick a cheating husband over me, right?), but definitely I cannot compete with Burt; I don’t even want to try.

However, the good news is I don’t have to compete with those two famous people after all, because when I click on the links, none of them work.

YAY! So that means MY Creepy Crazy Christmas link is the only viable one.

My e-book is only ninety-nine cents ($0.99)! How can you go wrong? What’s ninety-nine cents? It’s not even a loonie or a dollar bill. You can’t even spend $0.99 at the Dollar Store (or at any of its competitors), ’cause everything there is at least one dollar (plus tax, of course.). So, what a bargain my book is!!!

Creepy Crazy Christmas consists of eight short stories, plus my Foreword and Afterword. My Afterword is pretty funny (I think), although you can read almost the same thing here on my blog in that earlier post. I like to think that my stories are pretty good, too, although I haven’t received any words of praise yet. Even Hubby didn’t like them, and he should, shouldn’t he? Being my husband, you’d think he’d at least lie and pretend he liked them. But, no.

I will admit these stories are wacky and warped and strange and odd and quirky. Perhaps even a bit sick. My fingers had a mind of their own; I have no clue where the characters and story lines came from. There was no outline or plan in my head, that’s for sure. My fingers did it all.

The Grimes family members, who are depicted in these stories, are one warped and wacky bunch, I will say.

If you’re willing to take a gamble, here’s where you can purchase my just-released book. But don’t expect any nice and sweet Christmas tidings. Although there’s no gore or sexual content – just one quirky family -I’d still rate it as adult material. I’d love to hear your comments, if you decide to purchase. But there’s no obligation to purchase, of course.


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