I’m Not Tooting. Really, I’m Not.

I’ve never been one to toot my own horn, nor promote myself. I kind of cower in the shadows, whether day or night. I’m afraid of insulting anyone, afraid of playing the fool. Heaven knows, I have enough hassle in my life with my children at the moment (you know what I mean if you’ve read one of my earlier posts), who have called me a traitor and a carrier, and worse. So, the past couple of days I’ve just wanted to dig myself a hole and cover myself up, praying it’s a deep enough hole I can never dig my way out of. And a hole so bottomless that no one, should they reconsider their words, can dig me out from. I want that soil to stay there forever, harden over me like cement, keep me warm and cocoon me in peace.

I digress. And, maybe I’ll feel better in the morning.

I’ve got some books out “there.” And, I know, this is going to sound like I’m tooting, but honestly, I am not. Like I said, I’ve never really promoted my writings, and my sales have been dismal. Okay, so now I’m putting myself “out there” admitting I’m a failure. So, no, I’m definitely not tooting.

But, today, there’s been great news. I’ve got several new followers on my blog (perhaps it’s due to the fact I’ve begun to add tags to my postings and the public at long last can find me or maybe it’s just because I’m finally working on my blog again). One new follower even wants to buy one of my e-books. Yay!

Even greater, a fellow writer who recently bought my print book of short stories (aghast! before I had a chance to fix a few minor issues), appears to like my book. He sent me an email today:

Cathy, though I’m not finished reading all your stories in your book “Loves & Liars,” I have to tell you I found most of what I have read pretty darn good, and the first short story “Angels and Beethoven/My Baby Sister” made the short hairs on my neck really stiffen and sent a cold chill up my spine: something rare to my experience…..

Wow! I was truly flabbergasted. Truly I was. So much so I began to cry. Maybe it was more a release of emotions from the fiasco with my two kids, but it felt damn good to hear something nice about me for a change.

I thanked the individual for his kind words. He replied with another email, stating he wished I were a part of his writing group which publishes anthologies. “What a catch that would be,” he wrote. Wow! I was truly gobsmacked. (Yes, I love Piers Morgan, who, I think, coined that phrase; at least that’s where I first heard it.)

But, the jury’s not back yet. I asked the guy to give me his honest opinion after he finished the book. He wrote back: “I intend to when I have read all the stories. I will tell you what stories I really liked and what I didn’t and why. But you can take it from me, you know how to develop a unique story and you are very talented.”

So, stay tuned…


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  1. So glad that you wrote this. I know that when I started posting up all my writings from my rp site, to the blog, I totally didn’t realise the importance of tags. Now, on my own little blog, I learnt, and its making a huge difference. I loved reading how you got good feedback. Such few words, can change your whole outlook. So glad you are feeling better about things. You won a new fan ❤


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