My husband left his wallet open on the kitchen counter this morning, and I just happened to notice a wadded up piece of lined paper, which looked oddly familiar. My curiosity having taken over my common sense, I unwrapped it, stunned to see my handwriting.

The paper was a torn remnant from a larger sheet of discarded paper, one that on the reverse I had scribbled some figures I needed. I had thrown the scrap in the garbage can by my desk. At the time, I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if he found it. A persistent niggle went through my head that perhaps I ought to tear it up into smaller pieces, but I didn’t, of course. In the future, I should remember to trust my instincts.

A few minutes previous, Hubby had just returned to the house after stowing away the empty trash can we had left by the road for garbage pickup. Had the crows ripped open one of the bags and scattered refuse about? Or had Hubby snooped in my garbage can? I think it was the former, since I had emptied the office garbage can weeks prior.

What he found was the start of a short story. The actual words aren’t important, except to say they had nothing to do with him. Obviously, though, he thought they were, thus stashing the scrap in his wallet, probably to hurl at me someday in a heated moment.

I was tempted to explain or toss the scrap in the garbage yet again, but then he’d know I had snooped. At least now I have forewarning that the words will raise their ugly head in the future, and I will have my “excuse” prepared.

I’m a writer, after all. You can’t always believe everything a writer writes.



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3 responses to “Discovery

  1. Averill Elisa Frankes

    I always loved the quote (paraphrased): “You own everything that’s happened to you. If they wanted to be reflected better, they should have treated you better.” Of course, it seems this one doesn’t apply to you but it is what this post made me think of. I often worry what people will think of what I write since I draw on life experience that I’m sure they remember differently 🙂 Maybe he just really liked the beginning? 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for your comment! I took a peek at your blog…it’s quite nice! I need to keep at mine better!


  3. Ha, I love your final line! I find myself scrambling to hide the little scraps of paper I leave behind too, lest someone take it the wrong way!


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