I’m Home!

Even weirder than arriving home to Canada’s zero degree temperature at midnight last night, after enjoying weather in the 70s and 80s, was lying in my bed at one o’clock this morning with the realization that the past two months sped by so fast that it was like they had never happened. Had I really been in Mexico for two months? If so, how come it felt like I had never left my bed?

That same feeling always sweeps over me, no matter how long it’s been – whether it’s one week or four months.  When I’m away, it’s like I’ll be there forever and the days continue like there’s no tomorrow. Then, suddenly, “tomorrow” arrives, and it’s all over.

Caput! Gone! Fini! Just like that.

Then reality sets in – vacation is over. And it’s like a dream that’s sped by before I’ve had a chance to wake up and savour it, only it wasn’t a dream, it was real.

It was real, wasn’t it?

I know for a fact the last two months were real, but it still feels like I’ve lived a dream.

When I finally pulled the covers over me this morning, it was hard to sleep. The chilly house didn’t bother me, because the first thing I did upon entering the bedroom was to activate the electric blanket to the highest setting, so the bed was toasty warm by the time we got there. We were still on Mexico time, which was three hours behind. I slept a bit on the plane, so I wasn’t tired, but I knew I had to acclimatize back to Nova Scotia time since morning would arrive too soon. Eventually, maybe around three o’clock, I dozed off.

Hubbie left the house around eight o’clock for a meeting. A bit later, I went out for a Mickey’s diet Coke and muffin, since the cupboards and fridge were bare. The phone rang shortly after I returned; it was my four-year-old granddaughter Taylor. We talked for a bit, and then my daughter and I had a catch-up chat. Yes, I was home.

When Hubbie returned, we went out for our usual Saturday morning grocery shopping, with a detour to Subway for lunch. We have a Subway restaurant in the Mexican village where we winter, but who wants to eat at an ordinary Subway when there’s unusual, charming and varied restaurants dotting the streets. As a result, I had been craving a vegetarian flatbread and two macadamia nut cookies. It was treat. Yes, I was home.

Once I finish unpacking and organize the house, I’ll morph back into my “other” life. I’ll miss the gorgeous weather and our friends back in Mexico, but soon (hopefully!) summer will arrive here. And, the way time flies, we’ll be back in Mexico before we know it.

Oh, I haven’t forgotten my grandchildren, whom I’ll see tomorrow, if not today. I’m already relishing their rush of sloppy hugs and slobbery kisses. I’ll truly be home then!

Can’t wait!



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