The Fakers and Shakers and Movers

Don’t you just hate those people whom you haven’t seen for years who hug and kiss and say, “Oh, so good to see you” or “Let’s get together soon, it’s been so long” or “I’ve missed you so much, where have you been?” or…well – you get the picture. And then you never hear from them again. Until the next run-in.

There are people who love to name drop. “Oh, we had dinner with Sue and Don last night” or “Joan and Jim were over on Friday” or “We went out dancing with Janice and Tom last Saturday.”

Then there are those who love to blab about a party or event they’ve been invited to or recently attended, knowing full well that you were excluded. How rude! Why even bring the topic up?

There are people who say “lets do this” or “let’s do that” and you get excited and agree and look forward to that night out to find out later they’ve invited someone else and they don’t even remember they’ve ever broached the subject to you. And then you feel like an ass for ever believing them.

There are also the two-faced ones, who say one thing and do another, like the ones who love to blatantly say they dislike someone, only you find out later that the very person they said they didn’t like is the person they have just recently invited to their home for dinner or the person they made plans to spend an evening with. Huh?

Maybe you’re one of those people?

I just don’t get it.

Okay, I know you have to be kind to your neighbours and you don’t want to be rude. I get that. I don’t go out of my way to be rude to anyone, but I also don’t name-drop or make the other party feel like a lesser individual or say I dislike someone then immediately socialize with that individual. I also don’t pretend that I’ve missed someone more than I have; if that were the case, I’d have picked up the phone or sent an email or hopped on the next airplane.

Maybe I’m just jealous, I don’t know. Or maybe I’m just not as well liked as my so-called friends pretend I am.

I try to treat others as I’d like to be treated. I don’t name-drop; I don’t talk badly about others behind their backs. If I have a previous commitment when invited out, I just reply, “I’m sorry, I’m busy that night. What about another night?”

Please don’t take offense should you read between the lines and find yourself, because I’m not writing about any particular person. However, if you do see yourself – well, I doubt the truth will hurt. But, it’s a small world, you know. Your words will come back to haunt you someday. (Maybe mine will, too!)

If you’re one of my “real” friends, then you get what I mean. Hello Real Friend.

My rant for the day is over!

PS: As for me, I’m perfect, didn’t ya know?


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One response to “The Fakers and Shakers and Movers

  1. I do understand. My pet peeve is gossip. It seems to always end up hurting someone.


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