Rejections and More Rejections (= Down in the Dumps?)

I think I’m giving up my writing “career.” (So much for my up-beat post of yesterday!)

I opened my emails this morning to two rejections; one I hadn’t even remembered submitting it had been so long ago. The other was, what I thought, a great story. It is a horror/Halloween story, and horror isn’t really my forte, but I think it is a moving story with well-developed characters and well-chosen words. This was the second publication I had sent that story to. I was disappointed the first time it got rejected and even more so this second time.

It takes me a long time to write. I’m a perfectionist, and I can edit a story twenty times or more (but who’s counting?) and still not be finished. I’m sure I spend more time re-reading and re-writing stories than other writers do, and more time re-doing stories than writing new ones. Perhaps it’s because I’m not a good writer; I wish I knew.

My point is: maybe I’m wasting my time. I spend over eight hours a day at the computer, some days (most days!). I know it isn’t good for my health to sit for even four hours straight (news I just heard recently) and, Heaven forbid, my diet and choice of fluids (diet cola and wine) aren’t the best. And when I write, my cola and vino are necessities.

There are other constructive things I could be spending my time on, such as quilting, sewing, painting, crafting – concrete things that I can show where my time went.  My writings? They’re there, but who sees them? They’re hidden away in my computer. It’s not like one can “show off” writings like one can a quilt or a hand-made cushion. Sure, when something is published, the writing is “out there,” but it’s still not the same as a knitted sweater or a framed painting hanging on the wall.

And, Heaven knows I have enough framed paintings hidden in the closet.

Maybe I’m just down in the dumps today….



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2 responses to “Rejections and More Rejections (= Down in the Dumps?)

  1. sharkbytes

    I gave up writing for a long time because of this… finally got on the self-publishing bandwagon and have learned that other people like my writing, maybe just not the people who write big checks.

    Hope you feel better about it another day.


  2. Hi Joan! Thanks for your comment…at least now I know SOMEONE is reading my words, ha ha ha. Originally, that was the ending of my post…that I was gonna self-publish a compilation of my short stories (have done it with my poems). Then, I decided to wait to see how I felt tomorrow! I’ve been seriously thinking about it for a long time now, though…


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