No Words to Say!

I’ve been quiet lately, but all’s well. Just busy enjoying Mexico’s sun, socializing and writing.

I feel I need to post something – anything – so here I am. If you have better things to do, then go to it…

You are forewarned: This is a boring post – all about me.

Thus far, I’ve surpassed the writing goal I set for myself back in January. I don’t usually have a problem writing while in Mexico; my Mexican muse is very prolific. My grandchildren aren’t here, which frees up my time. Also, this season our satellite isn’t working properly (missing half the channels), which leaves me more free time, too. Not having my grandchildren nearby is a bad thing, but not enough TV isn’t the end of the world (although I am missing “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Storage Wars” which annoys me!).

I’m happy with the several short stories I’ve written over the past month, more than happy, actually, as I think they are some of my best (but what do I know!).  I’ve also tweaked several that I had previously written, completed one long story that I had procrastinated on, and am eight thousand words into a story that I hope to finish within the next week or so.

I’ve sent off a few stories to paying publications (fingers crossed), but there’s some I still need to find appropriate homes for. I’ve also sent out quite a few poems to several places and hope some will be accepted (but I won’t hold my breath). As well, I’ve written four essay-type stories and an article; my fingers are crossed on those as well, although two were sent to non-paying local publications.

I wish I could say I’ve had a ton of acceptances during this month but – alas – I’ve had just two: an essay/true story accepted for a paying publication (royalties only, which means zilch money) and an essay for a non-paying publication.

One more month (plus a couple of days) and we’ll be back home in Canada’s cold. Easter arrives a week after we return, and I’m already planning Easter dinner with all my kids and grandkids. My oldest son, who has been living in Calgary for the past fifteen or more years, has just moved back to the east coast (although three hours away) and he’ll be joining us. I can’t wait!

That’s my update since my last posting. Nothing earth-shattering, sorry! I DID warn ya!

Now back to my serious writing…


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