Universe of One

My daughter says I’m the only person in the entire universe without a cell phone. I think she exaggerates, but who knows. When I look around, even in Mexico where we winter, it seems everyone walks around with a phone, even the youngsters. Everyone but me!

A couple of years ago, my daughter (feeling sorry for me, I guess) gave me her old cell phone when she upgraded to a Blackberry. However, I have yet to buy the minutes for it. Heck, I don’t even know how to turn it on.

At one time, she used to make fun of my few measly friends on Facebook. Gradually, however, I surpassed her “numerous” friends and now have double the friends she has. Must be the addition of all my writing buddies!

She thinks I’m behind the times in most things. But, I do have an e-reader and she doesn’t. (To be fair, she did try to buy a Kindle last year when they were out of stock.)

Hubbie is even commenting on my supposed lack of progress.

“Why don’t you buy an I-Phone?” he’ll ask. “You’d love it, what with your computer skills. If you don’t soon get with the program, you’ll be lost.”

Well, I think, I don’t have a job. I don’t have an income, per se. I’m not really interested in having a monthly bill with my non-existent salary. I’d prefer to not go into debt at my old age of sixty, thank you very much.

But Hubbie doesn’t understand that; neither does my daughter.

Besides, I’m usually home all day sitting in front of my computer, writing and honing my skills. Why do I need a cell phone? Who can’t reach me on the home phone or via email?

Not to mention the fact that the face of cell phones and the numbers are so small that I can’t read them. What a pain to have to continually don my magnifiers (which half the time I can’t easily locate) to dial or to acknowledge an incoming call.

However, my computer is another story.  My desktop and my laptop are vital parts of my life. My laptop is for travelling – it’s the way I keep in touch; why would I need a cell? If my computers were to break down or become outdated, I would immediately rectify the situation, lack of money or not.

My daughter doesn’t have a website and a blog, something I proudly have, and I seriously doubt that she’ll ever have one. Doesn’t that count for something? And Hubbie is so far behind the times himself that he doesn’t even KNOW I have a website.

So, Dear Daughter and Handsome Hubbie: don’t tell me I’ll be lost and floundering in technological advancements. I’m doing just fine, thank you very much!


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