I Once Hated Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time, I absolutely abhorred and detested Valentine’s Day.

When I was single, in between husbands, I never seemed to have a boyfriend when Valentine’s Day dawned on that frigid day in February. I dreaded going to work on February 14th, hating it when my co-workers received beautiful bouquets of flowers and balloons that they proudly displayed on their desks for all the world to ooh and aww over, while my workspace remained void of any romantic love token. Those exhibits of professed, never-ending love threatened and embarrassed me, reminding me of my inadequacies to snare a man.

Yes, how I hated Valentine’s Day.

Of course, my three children never forgot me. They’d proudly present me with loving, lopsided hearts painstakingly cut from red construction paper, smeared with white glue covered with sparkles and adorned with fragments of dainty lace and bouncing bows. Their printed words attempted to brighten up my day: Roses are red…I love you…

But, as much as I loved and adored my children during those tumultuous times, their offerings weren’t quite the same as those from a lover.

When I met my current husband, Gary, Valentine’s Day suddenly turned into wonderful. Besides a gift of flowers and/or jewellery, he takes me out to dinner on that special day. For the past six years, Februarys have been spent at our home in Mexico, where the sun warms our hearts and where he buys me jewellery. (How I LOVE jewellery, even though half of my gems are rarely worn.)

Sometimes we’ll shop together, and he’ll let me pick out what I want. I’m wishy-washy, though: too many choices confuse me and I can’t make up my mind, leaving me wondering whether I made the right selection or not.

Two years ago, a girlfriend visited me for a week early in February while my husband was away, and she and I scouted the jewellery stores. I found a couple of pieces that I liked, and when he returned, I matter-of-factly (hint…hint) showed them to him. Of course, he bought them for me.

However, I like surprises, and, even though he thinks I don’t like what he gives me, I always do. This year, I’m hoping he’ll surprise me with another special piece of jewellery (hint…hint), like he did last year when he gave me a matching sterling silver ring and necklace with huge turquoise stones.

Now, before you start thinking I’m greedy or spoiled (or both) – most importantly on Cupid’s day we shower each other with our love. That, after all, is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Gee…maybe it’s time for me to surprise him for a change.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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