Ah, Copycats

Everyone who knows me well, recognizes my grandchildren are my greatest joy. I talk about them too much and my writings are full of them (sorry, can’t help it).Yesterday, it hit me: What am I teaching them? Am I a bad influence?

They’re getting older; the two “almost sister-twins” are halfway between four and five (yikes, where have the years gone?), so I’m careful of my language (not that it’s ever that bad) and I’ve been sprucing up my manners.

One day last summer, when Abby covered her drinking glass with a napkin, I realized how they love to mimic. This rang true again yesterday, when Taylor, while at Subway with her mother and me, wrapped a napkin around her drink. Both episodes were hilarious, at least to their parents.

I guess you have to know a couple of my quirks: I wrap a napkin (or two or three) around my diet Coke/Pepsi when I order one (the largest size sold) from fast-food restaurants (good thing I don’t drink coffee, or Timmies, with its new giant-sized coffee, would have a sure winner!). At home, I cover my drinking glasses with a napkin, especially if I am going to nurse it for any length of time (wine glasses are at the top of that list). If my glass has a straw (and I have to have a straw for everything but wine), then I punch a small hole (only a small one) through the napkin to allow the straw to be inserted.

I know it sounds stupid and weird and quirky, but it is a matter of self-preservation. Those drinks from fast food restaurants are cold and wet, especially with ice and the overflow from the not-so-secure lids, not to mention condensation. And I always end up with some sort of creature floating in my wine glass – whether it be winter or summer, indoors or out – after which the contents are immediately flushed down the toilet and the glass is placed in the dishwasher.

I don’t like to waste wine, that’s for sure. I also don’t like cold, wet hands.

Right now, my granddaughters are too young to “get it” – too young to understand their Granny might have a logical reason for doing what she does, even though their parents laugh at me. As a result, my granddaughters think it is comical when they copy me (but it is kinda cute!).

I learned those quirks (and others) from my dear sweet mother. Funny, though, that education must have skipped a generation.


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