My Belated New Year’s Resolution

Okay. I have to get out of my writing rut. I have all the time in the world to write, but I’m usually bogged down: wanting to write, just not knowing what. I’ve never made any goals for myself; perhaps it is time to start. Being sick the past couple of weeks hasn’t helped, so at least I’ve had a good reason lately. (Although, I AM contributing posts here to my website, something I haven’t done before, so, in a way, I am writing, although it isn’t the “fame and fortune” type of writing that I desire.)

So, I’m setting a goal: I am going to write at least five stories/essays/articles a month and submit them somewhere – somewhere suitable, of course – so I have some writings circulating. Maybe five stories isn’t enough, but I’ll start with that and hopefully it’ll lead to more. On second thought, I’ll think I’ll break that down to one a week, which is easier to manage. At least if a week slips by, I’m only behind one story, and I can easily catch up. If I become a month behind…oops.

I’ve decided my starting date for my new goal is the week of February 6. I still need to recover from my illness; I still need to clean house; I still need to pack for our trip. Then we’ll be travelling and settling into our winter home. So, February 6 I’ll be free and raring to go.

February 6.

P.S. I just read my horoscope for today:  “It won’t be long before you are back to your best and raring to go.”

Now THAT is good news! And what a coincidence!


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