Lost and Found

If you read an earlier posting of mine, you will remember that hubbie “lost” my hair brushes. Well, to update: they’ve been found. They WERE in his suitcase, tucked safely away in one of the outside little pouches. I’m glad, ’cause I think letting things “go with the flow” wasn’t quite working for me.

But, he DID lose something: two brand new sweaters (his, not mine). What a man! I guess in the future I’ll have to search every nook and cranny when we check out of places, because he obviously left them in one of three rooms: the hotel in Vegas, our cabin on the ship, or the hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Where else could they be? Since nothing else is missing, I can’t imagine someone stealing sweaters from a suitcase. Yeah, I know what you’re saying: “You said the brushes were missing, too, and they showed up.” Yes, I agree with you, but I now have our bedroom back to normal with all our strewn clothes put away and suitcases completely empty.

And there’s still no sweaters.

I’m quite annoyed with him. Two BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN sweaters. These weren’t sweaters from Walmart or Zellers (not that there’s anything wrong with shopping there), but these were extra-nice sweaters from Moore’s Menswear. And they weren’t cheap.

I guess I’ll have to run behind him, checking all the drawers and closets next time we pack up.


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