Could Have Been Stark Raving Mad!

It’s been “forever” since I’ve written anything. I’m “supposed” to be a writer, so that isn’t a good thing. I can blame writer’s block, but for a change that wasn’t my problem. I wish I could say I was too busy with my grandchildren, but I haven’t seen them for over five weeks (YIKES!!).

My husband and I were away for three weeks, on an amazing vacation. We are usually at our home in Mexico by December 1, but we decided to do something different and took a fourteen-day cruise over Christmas and New Year’s. The ship sailed from Long Beach, CA, and ended up in Fort Lauderdale, FL, so before the cruise, we spent four nights in Las Vegas and after the cruise spent four nights in Fort Lauderdale. It was one of our better vacations.

Cruise ships are notorious for lack of a good internet connection, so since the majority of our time away was on ship, I decided to leave my laptop at home, with the result of three weeks without internet/emails/writing. I do my best writing on a keyboard. Result: no writing for three weeks.

I figured I’d go stark-raving mad for those three weeks, but to be honest, we were so busy that I barely missed my computer. I took the opportunity to read on my Kobo and borrow books from the ship’s wonderful library. I am a fast reader and must have read a book a day. It was a worthwhile experience to not have my laptop, since I did more reading in that three-week period than I have in the past three years. And, although non-writers probably don’t know it, writers need to read. I’ve been lacking in that department.

Once we arrived home, albeit a day late due to our usual airport horrors, it took me a couple of days to weed through my two thousand plus emails. I had unsubscribed from numerous mailing lists before I left home to try to lessen the email load, but I obviously did not unsubscribe from enough of them. While away, I endured numerous nightmares of important and not-so-important emails being bounced back to the senders, since I too-late realized I had forgotten to forward my emails to my web-based email (something I always do when I’m away for an extended period). But, my worrying was for naught, as they were all there.

By the time I was through with my emails, I came down with the flu, developed a cold and a horrific cough, not to mention a horrendous cold-sore, which put me out of commission for a good two weeks. I’m just now (today!) getting back into the swing of things, although I still don’t feel totally better. I’ve wasted two weeks of my life, as I did nothing for that sickly period except recline bundled up before the TV, watching endless episodes of Storage Wars, Storage Hunters, Canadian Pickers, Four Weddings, House Hunters, What Not to Wear… Get the picture? Unreal. I must admit, however, Storage Wars is my favourite show at the moment, but I’m almost positive I’ve seen every episode, so (alas!) I have to be content to wait for the new shows to come out.

So – today is today – and I’m back at writing (with my vino blanco by my side). I do have a bit of writer’s block; I desperately want to write, but just can’t come up with a new story or idea. So, I did a bit of googling and found several places to submit some of my old work to. I’ve sent out five stories and now I have the patient (NOT!) task of waiting…and waiting…

I’ve had some good results lately (check out my “Writing Credits”) and some not-so-good results (that I’ll keep to myself!). But if I don’t submit something, I’ll have nothing to look forward to!

I am only here at home for another week and a half before we leave for our second home in Mexico. I may not get too much new completed before we leave, but I am confident I’ll have a productive two months in the sunny south; I usually do.

So – keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I’ll write a masterpiece!

And, hopefully (weather and illness permitting), I’ll see my grandchildren next week!


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