A Little Boy Who Doesn’t Talk

The title sounds worse than it is. At least I hope so.

This is my only grandson we’re talking about.

Caden is over eighteen months old. He doesn’t say a word, except grunts of “ma” and “da,” which aren’t directed to his parents, but to things. His hearing seems fine, as he performs tasks when asked and responds to sounds. I know this isn’t uncommon – that lots of kids are slow to talk and walk – but I still worry. Thankfully, he has an upcoming appointment with a speech therapist and a hearing specialist, just to make sure.

The funny thing about this situation: He communicates with sign language. Really!  He learned it in day care and is quite fluent in the basic signs. Among other things, he can sign for a drink, he can sign when he’s hungry, he can sign when he’s full.

He also has an older sister, who is four years old. So, perhaps he doesn’t need or want to speak. Thus far, he’s succeeded in making himself understood without talking. He has all his needs met; he has food, shelter and comfort, along with great, loving parents. And let’s not forget his great, loving Granny!

Caden was also slow to walk.  But aren’t boys slower than girls? Taylor, Caden’s sister, walked at nine months, as did I, their Granny. Taylor also talked early, too; I can’t remember when I began talking. I was the oldest child, so perhaps I, like Taylor, needed to be proactive.

Abby is my other granddaughter, three weeks younger than Taylor. She has an older sister, Kyla – older by seven years. Abby didn’t need to talk or walk early either. And she didn’t. I was worried about Abby for a long time, continually comparing her to Taylor. Abby did absolutely nothing but sleep her early life away. But now, at four, she chatters constantly and is a totally normal, active and intelligent child.

So, depending upon what the specialists say, we’ll probably just have to wait for Caden to decide when he wants to speak.

I can’t wait to hear his voice!


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