The Lost Brushes

We’re home from our three-week trip (4 nights Las Vegas, 14-night Panama Canal cruise, 4 nights Fort Lauderdale), and I’m missing my two hairbrushes.

I know I gave them to my husband to pack in his suitcase, since mine were full to capacity. He even admits I gave them to him, yet they are gone. We are unpacked, although we still have clothes strewn about the bedroom (someday soon I’ll get the energy to put them away), but my brushes are nowhere to be seen.

Where are they? I searched again through his empty suitcases, thinking he might have missed them; but no, they’re not there. Did he not pack them? Did he leave them in the hotel room? I wouldn’t be surprised if he left them behind, but he insists he packed them. The only other explanation is that someone stole them out of his suitcase. My brushes? Who’d want to steal those? The zippers were still zipped on his suitcases, so it’s not like they fell out. So where did they go?

It’s been four days now that I’ve gone without brushing my hair. (I have been out of the house, but I keep forgetting to buy a replacement.) Instead, I’ve been using my fingers, and, I must say, I’m quite happy with the results. I usually fight with my hair every morning. One side wants to flip up and the other side wants to flip under, and if I don’t carefully brush both sides under with my roller brush and the hairdryer, my hair looks like Hell until after the next day’s washing when, of course, I repeat the same dreaded process and hope for better results.

This got me thinking: perhaps I should let things develop more naturally and go more with the flow. I seem to fight with everything in my life, not just my hair. I want things to be too perfect, and perfection doesn’t exist, at least not in my world.

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions – too busy cruising on the high seas to think about it. Perhaps not worrying so much about perfection and letting things “go” should be my new mantra.

Something to ponder…


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